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About the Artist

About the Artist

Miriam Crotwell was born in Mississippi, but grew up near the sugarcane fields and bayous of Louisiana. Loving to create, Miriam was given art lessons at an early age, continuing her studies through high school, and majoring in art at Southeastern Louisiana University. Miriam married and relocated back to her roots in Mississippi.



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Miriam continues to create artwork that reflects her love of people, animals, and the world around her. She has used many mediums but her main focus is in oil and watercolor. She has had extensive experience with silkscreen printing and photography, as well as owning an art studio where she taught art classes to all ages. Miriam's commission work includes portraits, landscapes, and a large mural for the children's section at the M. R. Davis Library in Southaven, MS.

Miriam, a charter member and past president of the Artist Network of North Mississippi, Inc., has exhibited at numerous galleries and museums and has received awards for her work. Her artwork is in private and corporate collections across the United States and Europe. She also enjoys memberships in the DeSoto Arts Council and the Mississippi Studio. Miriam enjoys teaching art classes occasionally to groups free of charge.

Miriam Crotwell's Mississippi roots, Louisiana childhood, love of beauty, and love of giving back to her community makes her artwork touch the hearts of all who are fortunate to collect her work.

"I am privileged to be an artist. I think the majority of the population misses so much because they are not artists. To be an artist is to see things that others do not see. There is so much beauty all around us. Artists see, while others just look. It is an artist's job to help others see that beauty."

- Miriam Crotwell


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